a few finds from the stubble

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A nice warm but grey afternoon out on the stubble . I generally try to avoid stubble but it has been such a long while since i was last out on the land , I was ready for anything . There were some areas which were cut fairly low and easier to manage so I had a few hours wandering around the barer patches .
The tiny hammered coin is barely 12mm diameter and at a guess I think Charles 1st . I didnt need dig this one as it was lying on the surface but it did a great job of imitating a button at first glance so a pleasant surprise .
Apologies for poor quality onsite photographs , left my glasses in the car and couldnt be asked to walk back and get them . Cant wait for the fields to come alive when the stubble has finally been churned over but still a great introduction in getting back into the swing of things .
20210825_170751[7155]hammered bust.jpg
20210825_201921[7157] bust cleaned.jpg
20210825_170733[7154]hammered reverse 1.jpg
20210825_201948[7158]reverse cleaned.jpg
The rest of the finds minus the scrap and foil .
20210825_191733_resized[7156] the finds tally.jpg
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Ooooh theres crotal bells in them there fields fella :ugeek:
Nice to get out and about with nature again, and looks to be an interesting field too
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Glad that you got out there Paul and was rewarded with that Charles I. A shame that the decorated crotal bell was not complete as it would have been pretty nice. :thumbsup:
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That Charles is lovely - that coins are not common at all!

The copper stud at the back has some age to it as well. Shame the crotal bell has been attacked by the plough as that would have been a corker :thumbsup:
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Good to see you back out on the land, .
Although there are surface finds, sometimes we would need the Ding of the detectors sweep to bring our gaze upon said object.
Nice Charles coin.
As already said shame about the Crotal being damaged.
Good luck on future trips of Detecting and bottles.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Hammered coins and crotal bells,,, sounds like it could be fun :thumbsup:
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Great to see some good finds turning up for you, Paul :thumbsup: Could well be lots more there and getting closer to the soil when the stubble's off will no doubt see you posting loads on here. I hope! :thumbsup:
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