36 token or button?

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Could anybody help to identify this find. Had a numver of suggestions from miners token to a 36th the foot regiment button. Anybody know what this is??
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There appears to be no fixings, it looks completely flat and has no hole?

It doesn’t look like a button and there appears to be no evidence it was, so it isn’t one.

It looks like some sort of token. It wasn’t unusual in theatres and cinemas to hand your coat in to the cloakroom and receive a token like this so you can get it back. Sure lots and lots of companies and organisations did similar, from car valeting to getting a watch repaired before people switch to paper and throw away things. I’d guess 20th century :thumbsup:
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Agree with OG above - looks to be a token :thumbsup:
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'Joe'(four Escudos) coin-weight - 36 Shillings. ;)
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Would be interesting to know the weight of that item Adam, based on Allectus ID :thumbsup:

Nice find though, and could indicate trade of sorts in that area
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