Nail cleaner

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Or is it just scrap?
Back story;
I have several fields local to me that I’ve been searching for a few years now.
When I first had this permission, I gave each field a good day to decide where to concentrate. Out of these, a couple turned up virtually nothing so were put on the back-burner.
Recently I’ve been on one of these barren fields and it’s turning up some nice medieval finds, so much so that it’s quickly becoming my favourite field.

Anyway, I found this item at the weekend. Made of a Copper alloy.
It looks to a bit zoomorphic on one end - a bird or maybe a dog?? I may well be seeing things though :D
Could it be a nail cleaner or maybe a pin from something?

Any suggestions gratefully received.
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Just in from work and very little gin has passed down the path of righteousness so far, but that looks decidedly brooch-related if not something like a La Tene brooch itself. Just the musings of a badly-lubricated artisan for now :thumbsup:
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It just looks like two worn through holes to me. Though due to the fatter end wondered if it was maybe part of a spur? :Thinking:
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Few more pics may help shaggy :thumbsup:
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