So what if your ground is better than mine?

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Whilst say a Medieval market site or even a Roman field is pretty tops for most of us, it is a far cry from the norm. Whilst those scenarios are most appealing I am still content with my everyday fields, but still wouldn't turn those opportunities down at all. Hammies or better are always a nice surprise but I'll settle for anything that is unusual or interesting as long as some silver also shows in the session, but usually does. :lol:

Fields containing metallic green waste are just not at all enjoyable even if you do know that they also likely contain some particularly nice goodies - but if needs must then you will find them. The thing is that anything can just turn up anywhere and often does when least expected, and no amount of research will show that, so there are really just no rules at all as to where anything can be! I just love finding the unwritten history. :thumbsup:
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Luckily Green waste`s not a probem up this way ,to my knowledge anyway. I havn`t come across any.
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Totally agree, no matter what you do, whether that’s hard research in the library or looking at the lay of the land, items have been lost in the most mundane of places for millennia. You can find bronze age axe heads in the middle of field, miles away from the closest town / village. You just never know what lurching in the ground.
Green waste is a pain, and detecting a field with it present is a labour of love. Just got to work through it.
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I found the comment Allectus made a few weeks ago that the best fields he’s had were ones with no obvious history at all. And, I guess, that’s partly because they’ve not been detected already and because sometimes written history is very limited before medieval times.

I am loving a new field I’ve just started on in a really good permission. This permission is 600+ acres and 150-200 of it has literally ben done to death because it Includes the site of a wealthy village that had a long history but was largely destroyed during the civil war. However there are some fields that are further from the centre and were ignored. They don’t contain the volume of silver the others did but they are still interesting and throw up some real gems.

So yes market sites are good and I’d love one, who wouldn’t. But would it be too easy? I know I lost the thrill of finding nice buckles last year because they were everywhere. The challenge of finding something great on a quiet field has it’s own rewards too.
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Absolutely agree that the history books don't tell you everything. Far from it. One of my permissions has a moated farmhouse and a field where a medieval market was held. Those areas were done to death by someone some years ago.

But they went for the obvious and had they but walked up the hill a bit they'd have found the Roman site :P (Glad they didn't though!)

That's the beauty of this game - anything can turn up anywhere :thumbsup:
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