Heraldic Pendant ?

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The weather has been kind this week but soon the last embers of summer will be long gone as the evenings are now getting shorter and the autumn and winter season is a mere few weeks away , it is hard to believe that winter clothing will be the order of the day as opposed to todays T-shirt weather . It was glorious and I took the opportunity to grab the last few hours of sunshine out on the rough ploughed fields .
20210909_174348_resized[7265]field shot.jpg
It is hard going but the penny finally dropped , rather than walk the long lines of clumpy soil it was far easier on the feet to go across them and walk the width of the field .
It was still hard going and for half hour I opted for the stubble field next door where I managed to winkle out a big old 1945 Penny but that was about it except for two brass hinges both the worse for wear but gave great signals . After that it was back on the ankle straining field and I was glad that I did when I met with a nice sweet signal from a sun baked lump of rock hard soil .
It took some breaking but eventually I found the offending item poking out from the side of a much smaller clump . At first I thought yet another random piece of flat metal but was pleasantly surprised to see a shield motif . Having never found anything quite like this I could only guess at a Heraldic Pendant ? Whatever it turns out to be it was the best find of the few hours that I had out on the field .
20210909_182731_resized[7267]pendant detail.jpg
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Well found that's a cracking pendant, looks like two seated figures in lower corners, interesting! :thumbsup:
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ooooh thats a corker fella, nice condition :thumbsup:
I'll let the experts pin it down for ya but i likey :clapping:
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Ohhh never had a square one. They are dated 1200-1400, in case you didn’t already know that :D

Very nice Paul :thumbsup:
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Thankyou everyone , well chuffed to have found it . :thumbsup:
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Very nice, medieval pendants are one of those finds I’ve definitely got a soft spot for , only ever found two though!
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Great find, Paul.
Not found a pendant either.
Would have been a good entry for the restorative pencils poll.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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That's a nice dainty one, a great find :thumbsup:

Regards Steve
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Well found, Paul, and a welcome addition to the more usual type :thumbsup:
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Nice pendant Kenleyboy, :thumbsup:
Should clean up well.
Well found and well saved.
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