Tiny buckle find

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Back on the land for a late afternoon session while the weather is playing ball . It was more of a lazy stroll about for a couple of hours and I didnt expect too much even more so as I opted for the stubble field . The choice was the lesser of the two evils , the deep ploughed field as enticing as it looks with all that fresh turned over soil was just too much hard work , dips and troughs play havoc on your ankles and back and today I was happy enough for a less punishing outing and even though I am not much in favour of stubble , it seemed the better option .
This particular field isnt deep ploughed but it does throw up some goodies every now and again and it is a pleasant piece of land with a gentle slope down towards an ancient lane and some pretty decent views and the stubble is a little shorter here in most places so off I went with an open mind but equally glad to be back out .
I didnt find a great deal apart from a few buttons with one giving such a sweet signal and a show of silver glinting in the sun I thought I had struck lucky with a decent coin but sadly not , just a silver gilt button . A few scrappy bits of lead etc and then one more decent signal with a pleasant little find .
20210912_181011_resized[7358]buckle 1.jpg
I like finding these , neat and decorative with some age and I was sure I had another similar but larger in size plucked from the same field last season . Once home and a quick scrabble through the finds draw and there was its bigger brother .
20210912_190337_resized[7359]buckle 2 face.jpg
20210912_190328_resized[7360]buckle 3 rear.jpg
That was my lot , hard going bit worth every minute .
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Two very nice buckles indeed! What sort of age would they be?

In my eyes, they are as ornate as many broaches I have seen....I wonder if originally they would have been bare metal, or gilded?
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Post-medieval quatrefoil mounts.

A ;)
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