Strange lead ball

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Hi all

Any advice on this strange lead ball I found recently? There is a hole cut about a third of the wat down on the top, and a load of score marks across the entirety of it.

Is it just a freak of nature, or did this thing serve some purpose once upon a time?

Pound coin (and my hand!) for scale.

Thanks in advance. Any help would be appreciated.
Dave The Slave
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Could be random markings, possibly some kind of weight.
How much does it weigh ?
As far as i can go but others may know more, always worth checking with unknown finds.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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As Dave mentioned check the weight of it as it may be that it served a purpose for weighing something
But due to its crudish design i'm gonna plump for some sort of net weight or summat outdoors type for catching stuff :thumbsup:
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It’s not a cow horn protector is it? I could be way out though!
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Could be a loom weight?
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I'm going for a post medieval counter balance weight.
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