We May Have Found "Who The Heck Is Annie"

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Easylife wrote: Sat Sep 25, 2021 11:51 pm

But to single out a particular person from just a very common first name is extremely speculative and that is all it can ever be. Still it makes for a good story and has gained further permissions so a result in that way. :thumbsup:
Easylife, as I said I had information that was (rightly) not made public on the forum.

You are also wrong when you say "from just a very common first name", Ann(e) is very common, however Annie is signifcantly less so.

I actually looked at ALL the females in the area with the name "Annie" and although as both Keyfits and myself said we can never be 100% sure that this is the correct one there is IMHO a good probability that it is. I can assure you that this is not "extremely speculative" and very strongly resent that unjustified comment.

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Saffron, your research capabilities are second to none, and this thread backs that up. :clapping:
I think its brilliant that you stepped up to help keyfits out with this, and turned a coin with a name on it into a coin with a known name on it and much more information too :thumbsup:
Well done fella :ugeek:
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