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Just how is one supposed to do a finds update for one's landowner with the distractions of you lot posting your great finds this evening? :lol: But seriously well done, some great stuff being found and posted. :thumbsup:

I've not been out on the pasture too much as the ground has just been so dry of the last few months, but looking at my latest batch of finds to update the farmer with I am still quite content with the result. They are fairly typical finds for here even after quite a few years of searching the very same land.
I'm convinced that this land will never quite be done by a long way, it is getting noticeably much more challenging but it always still delivers every single time! 120 targets a session was the norm for a few years though now that has reduced to more like a steady 70 targets a time for about 4 hours or so, which is still okay but just now seems like I'm not finding too much at the time but then later on count up realise that I actually was! Once 20 coins a time would be quite easy though now even one is a bonus. Most of the easier more obvious shallow targets have gone so the better finds ratio has improved and that suits me just fine. I know this land very well but just what a very sad day it will be when the finds here finally do dry actually up to an infeasible search extent in maybe a few more years time? :cry:
So thinking ahead I guess in the meantime I suppose I had better just bag some more local land but I am a bit lazy in that respect until it is actually needed, I do need a big push, then I just go out and get it focused like maybe a hunter seeking it's prey? Okay well if not that then maybe it's just through my natural charm? But joking aside I just don't find it very difficult to get any new land. But I really do like the local land that I've already got which just keeps on giving even if finds are generally not that old. :D
So maybe not much of the Roman or so finds but it's still a whole lot of fun every time and that is what mainly appeals. :thumbsup:
Another local permission has older history where I have had Iron Age, Roman and Saxon but the greenwaste has really spoilt it, so it's not too much fun there even on the ploughed out barrow or the enclosures, but know that it all just needs to be done regardless, so maybe that is just kind of a rainy day thing? :-?
But just how boring would it be if all our permissions were the same?
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