And it's GOLD for Shaggy

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Hi all,
I was out yesterday doing a bit of stubble bashing, and boy was it hard going. I'd been in the field for about an hour, and my shoulder was starting to feel the strain. As a break, I decided that I'd have a walk over to have a look at where HS2 had cut through the permission and had totally decimated the countryside. :pulling hair out: :pulling hair out: As I looked through the fencing, the shock at just how many trees had been ripped out and the huge mountains of red clay piled up made me extremely sad. I rested for about 10 mins, then went back to it. At the fence line, there was a strip, about 5m that had been cultivated, but was not planted so devoid of stubble. This'll do nicely said I, and off I went. I'd only just started and a nice signal came through, rang in at 69 on the VDI, but was a fragment of beer can.... 2 mins later, another 70,,,, and another bit of the John Smiths beer can...... 2 mins later another signal.... 64 on the VDI..... dug it out, expecting more can and BOOM, the lovely colour of gold showed itself.
A lovely little posy ring, looking very sorry for itself. It has an inscription of 'A token of my love' I believe it to be mid - late 18th century.
I have a dilemma now - do I get it sympathetically repaired or just leave it as is. A jeweller that has repaired many a metal detecting find has said he'd do the job for £40.
I know what I'm going to do, but what would you do, repair it or leave it?
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Nice one, surely it’s got be worth getting repaired? I would.
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Shaggy my man...great find sir
Never found one meself, but chuffed to heck for ya

I would have it repaired myself as these jewellers are darn good at making it look as it was
Well found sir :clapping:
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Lucky man :Party: Well done!

Repair it of course :thumbsup. Mind you then you’ll loose it to the wife’s jewellery box ;)

Obviously, if you are going to record it, do it after that. These things can be valuable though -£50 for a plain ring but quite a few hundred for ones with the inscription so again, depending on what your agreement is with the land owner, the decision on repairing it should be based on wether it’s bring kept or sold.
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Well done, straighten it yourself and chuck it in your display. :thumbsup:
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Definitely have it repaired. ☺️ Something given with so much love wasn’t supposed to be in such a sorry state.
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First of all I totally agree with your views on HS2, the money should have been spent impoving the existing rail infrastructure rather than on a white elephant that will just make it slightly quicker to get to London (rather than create jobs in the midlands as claimed).

I would certainly put up with a few bits of beer can if they were followed by a beautiful posey ring like that.

Well found, I do love it when they have an inscription - even more so if they have names as well so you get the personel touch.

I am with everybody else, get it repaired - a lovely item like that deserves to be shown at its best and with a good goldsmith the repair will not be visable.

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Nice one Shaggy , :thumbsup:

Got to get that repaired, it should look great when done.

Well found and well saved.
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Nice one, Shagster, and look forward to seeing it whole once more :thumbsup:
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Well saved shaggy, excellent find indeed :clapping: :clapping: :thumbsup:
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Nice find will be good to see it restored :thumbsup:
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Lovely find.

I'd say make sure it isn't treasure, and if not and you have a landowner that will let you keep it then it would be nice to see it restored.
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Thanks all - photos were sent to the FLO already, so just waiting to hear back from her. I suspect it's not treasure, due to age - I think it's latter part of the 1700s, or early 1800s, but I'll take direction from the FLO on age and if she wants to record it.
I will definitely get it repaired, depending on what the landowner wants to do with it. I haven't shown him yet, I want to see what the FLO says first so I can give him some information on what happens next. He's familiar with the treasure act, several nice items have come off his land over the years.
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Well done on your Gold, Andi. :clapping:
While the ring is in the current state, ideal opportunity to photograph the inscription, which no doubt you have already done.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Great find mate, personally I'd get it repaired
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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