A Lizzie + selection.

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Really pleased to have found a hammered at last,I’ve had a barren patch and she’s probably the best I’ve found 👍.
The iron clad bullet,if that’s what it is,is unusual and I’m guessing bottom right may be a coin weight?
I just couldn’t go wrong with the Nox today after struggling for some time with it.
What a strange yet lovely hobby this is.
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After a barren spell it's days like this which keep us coming back, eh? It's the "Oh well, there's always tomorrow" mindset after a lean day which does indeed brings better days later. You just never know what's going to turn up and that's the beauty of it.

Lovely Lizzie, by the way :thumbsup:
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Thanks Figgis,ah yes,it’s that eternal dangling carrot that keeps us all committed to the cause.😄
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I'm not sure that is a coin weight you have there, it appears to have some writing around it too?
Could you put that up in the ID section on its own so folk can take some shots at seeing what it is?
Both sides too, just in case :thumbsup:

Nice lizzie though and gratz on breaking the Hammered duck :clapping:
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Nice victorian pin shots (is that the right term?). I have a wooded copse on part of one of my permissions and the place is full of them. Never found one anywhere else though as they aren’t common.

I wonder of your disk is toy related? I don’t know why I’m going down that rabbit hole so don’t take it too seriously.
Maybe try the pencil thing - rub a soft lead pencil over the surface and see if you can get the letters to show themselves more?
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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