Republican Denarius + Hammered

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Hi guys, April was the last time we were out so this is a great moment for us to kick off our new season.

We managed to get onto a field, in wheat stubble, that we last visited in September 2018.
That visit was the first time and we had a blast with 10 hammered coins relating to 9 different rulers!
We also had a denarius (Vespasian) and a C4th copper alloy coin.

This time around we had 5 Roman coins and 4 hammered as well as some nice Medieval artefacts including 2 casket keys.

I'll post a link to the main group of finds later.

Meanwhile, here's 3 hammered than need clarification:
The penny may be Henry III Dublin? 18.97mm Ø 1.33g
The first cut-quarter might be John? 9.83mm Ø 0.38g
The second cut-quarter could be Henry II? 9.96mm Ø 0.31g

Henry III Dublin.jpg
Cut Quarter #1.jpg
Cut Quarter #2.jpg

TIA for any ID's :thumbsup:
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Henry III Irish issue penny, Ricard - Dublin, class 2 or 3 long cross, Nicole & a Henry II 'Tealby' farthing.

A ;)
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Nice work! I’ll be interested to see your casket keys,I had one yesterday (see plan B thread) but I’m not sure of age.
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Great finds Paul :thumbsup:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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