Questions to ask yourself before choosing a metal detector

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If you are thinking of starting metal detecting as a hobby, then excitement often overrules common sense at the outset.
You have some spare money in your pocket, you have read about people finding items from years gone by
What could be easier.....Lets go !!

*Puts the kettle on and makes you a brew*

Take a seat for just 5 minutes, dunk my friend Jans favourite Hobnobs into your brew and listen up.
Reading this could save you money, save you heaps of frustration, and keep you interested in our hobby for a long time to come.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that newcomers to our hobby come up against is......having somewhere to go and use your new expensive toy!
Every piece of land in our country is owned by someone :!:
This means you must gain permission from the landowner before you are allowed to use your shiny new machine there.
It is a very good idea to do some research into places you can get permission to metal detect on, before you spend your hard earnt cash on a metal detector.
You can use a metal detector on a lot of our beaches, but again you need to check with the Crown Estate to see which parts of the beach are ok to detect on, and also they have some rules you need to follow Crown estate rules and where you are allowed to detect

Now we come to the soul searching questions!
You need to know a bit about yourself before you buy a machine.
There is a vast array of machines on the market right now, some you can open the box, put batteries in and away you go :thumbsup:
Other machines just need setting up, then choose a preset program which can be tweaked on the fly with just the press of a button :geek:
And then there are also machines that you will need an IQ level on par with Einstein :ugeek: , patience by the bucket load, and a memory to suit as you will need to remember what you have tweaked and why you tweaked it.

Some machines blurb "say" they work well on both land and beaches, often though the beach aspect is lacking and will leave you frustrated
There are dedicated beach machines if beaches are your only option
Again though please ask people here or shop owners about the beach side of your machine of choice, you will find people are brutally honest about this and its worth taking note of that

So ask yourself, and be honest with your answers.
Am i impatient and easily frustrated :?: , so want to just use a machine straight out of the box
Am i a fiddler and enjoy learning and tweaking my machine to get the best out of it :?:
Or am i a genius who loves having buttons and knobs that can tweak every single function of my machine :?:

Once you know you have somewhere to use your new metal detector
And once you have worked out what sort of person you are with technology
Then you are best advised to join a forum such as The Detecting Hub and ask some questions, read some reviews, and even speak to some independant shop owners for advice.

Dont be that person that spends way over their budget on a machine that can communicate with the international space station, and then have nowhere to use it.
Metal detecting is a fantastic hobby, you can do it alone or with groups of people, join clubs, and be outside with nature getting exercise.
Whats not to like?
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Sound words Blackadder :thumbsup:
I think I fall into the bracket of "impatient and easily frustrated " mostly with technology !
However , there is room for change and with the very kind help of another Kindly soul who is a member on board here , my temperament may possibly change if I can get to grips with a certain machine . If all goes to plan I may possibly fall into the " fiddler " and "tweaking " bracket .
Time will tell , as my old Pops used to say , " make haste slowly " !
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One of the biggest problems I always see happenning down the line is when people new to detecting want to buy a metal detector they read all the info on the internet or Detecting magazines they can, and see whats the most popular by detectorists . They then make the first big mistake by usually picking one of the Flagship models as their first detector because they think the most expensive and popular used is the best policy . It usuallly sets them back one or two grand and they also if not short of a Bob or two, in their ultimate wisdom ,they get a BIG coil too , under the impression bigger is much deeper. So! The scenario then becomes " All the gear but no Idea " and when they press the on button on , its baffles them with all sorts of squeeks ,squeals, buzzing & screeches, and not nessesarily in that order. :D They have no idea how to set the settings or even what setting do what ,so, next port of call is a Metal detecting forum where they imediately appeal for Help. It's classic . :lol:
Maybe now if they read Bruces post, it "might" help save them some time & money .
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I'd say don't be deluded into buying a metal detector thinking that you will just dig treasure. The ground is full of metallic trash which gives the same response as good targets so you will also have to dig that to uncover the better finds. Only go into metal detecting if you are prepared to dig lots of junk as it is part and parcel of the game. :thumbsup:
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