I nearly had a snake escape!

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This little bent irregular copper alloy item almost went in the scrap until I gave it a closer look and saw a serpent's head! It is a little ouroboros brooch of a serpent eating it's tail. This one appears to have had the pin mounted on the flat back. I'm not sure if the red is traces of enamel or not? Still it looks to have some fair age to it but how old?
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Nice one, looks very different to the one I found a while back, yours being of a flat profile. First time I’ve seen another detecting find one after doing a fair bit of searching on the net when I found mine.
As you say it looks to have some age.
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I like that a lot although I am sure somebody post on a pic of something on here a while ago??
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No idea of age but it’s jolly nice :thumbsup:
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Great discovery :thumbsup:

This design's been around since forever but something about yours says medieval to me. Which means it's probably Roman :lol:
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