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Dave The Slave
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Strange what turns up in life.
There you are on the periphery, minding your own business like an orbiting satellite, when someone else`s vision, zooms in on you and puts you in the spotlight
No not that zoom, which has appeared during lockdown, don`t know what it :? is and have no wish to.
A guy at work had heard about my detecting and had asked about making a Documentary, short story. Just assumed it was filming on a phone.
He suggested starting off filming me at home, talking about and showing previous finds and getting ready to go out detecting.
A big no, my hovel could feature on DIY SOS or Extreme Hoarders, no way that was happening. Would need to employ Kim and Aggie for starters.
I suggested an alternative and also the location for filming, this was agreed, couple of months went by then, action.
Little did I know my workmate had spent 20 years in the Turkish, TV and Film Industry, working from cameraman to Assistant Director. Biggest project had been Assistant Director, on what was then Turkeys highest grossing film in 2012,
Just to state, this is not going to be a detecting video that you would normally view on the tube or wherever but more of a short film about a bloke ( mois ) having a detecting day out.

Cue Pearl & Dean`s legendary Asteroid cinema music, we used to hear from the late 60`s to mid 80`s at the ABC.

Day 1.
Turn up at location, which I had stipulated. Did not want crowds of joggers and dog walkers, wondering what the filming was and who was being filmed. Don`t think I bear a resemblance to any known actors but then again you would not know as we have never met.
Location had already been scoped out on a couple of recce missions by the film crew, yes 2 cameras, 2nd guy I also know, mainly does corporate videos. Quick briefing and even shown a story board of angles and shots as a basis of the filming. The rest would be ad hoc, as and when , no staged finds, had already explained would only probably find copious amounts of beer bottle tops, from the masses that had invaded us days earlier. This did not matter as the filming was more about someone doing their thing rather than finding anything.
We did about 3 hrs, although only around 2 hrs detecting, playing back various shots, re shooting tham, even a clapperboard, take 3 was the maximum. Had a couple of onlookers, speak to the camera guys, others saw the filming and were trying to figure out who it was. They even attached a mini cam to the stem of the detector but the footage was like windscreen wipers on monsoon mode. Deleted.
Day was over and I have to say did enjoy it.

During the War, nearly forgot myself.
During the week, was shown the 1st edit, around 12 minutes but the complete film.

Day 2,
The following week same location, even had to keep my Bojo billowing lockdown locks for the sake of continuity. Every time the wind blew and there is normally a breeze, felt like I was resembling Freddie Boswell from Bread. No doubt there were several lilos down there later on ., even a Lil.
Back to filming, some improvements, alternatives and just following me around. Another 3 hrs, with around 2hrs detecting.

During the week.
Shown the 2nd edit, now down to 8mins 35 Secs. Whatever happened to the 15 minutes of fame. Mood/ background music has now been added. Starting to look like a proper piece of film.
Filming was now finished. Haircut time, 8 weeks overdue, with the receding fringe was starting to look like Dave Hill from Slade. Nearly burst into song them ( so cum on feel the Noize ) now the whole song is in my head, nothing wrong with that. First post lockdown haircut, can now book an appointment online, chose my slot, no more queueing. One advantage of appointments only.

Day 3.
With filming over, voice over.
This was carried out by the Assistant Director due to language differences.
Have spent years trying to lose my Brummie accent, sound like Barry from Auf Weidersehen Pet. Which is strange considering I was only born there and lived there until 6, before emigrating to Kiddie and then Bridgnorth. Having been on the South coast for 35 years, a Midlander will latch onto certain letters, normally the A or 5, where yow frum ? Before I know it, the accent is back. :oops:
The next and final edit will be the finished article but I`m dreading the narration.
As soon as any link is available, I`ll post on here.

Nearly forgot, the finds ,
111 items over the 3 days, using the trusty 400i.
Financial reward, 35p, hardly Equity rates !
Feel good reward, being involved and asked to take part in this and also a Historical record for my offspring and their ancestors.
Cheers all, :thumbsup:
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Blimey, Dave, that's some story :thumbsup: Yeah, that's the pain about filming - the hours and hours that go into it and you end up with not a lot at the end. But a great experience for you, I'd imagine.

Please do let us know where/how we can see it. Nice one :thumbsup:
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Well I don't know what to say. I think I'm traumatized just looking at all those bottle caps and ring pulls! :shock:
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Great story and write up Dave , Pearl and Dean :shock: Now I won't be able to get that tune out of my head for the rest of the night .
Look forward to a viewing when its aired . :thumbsup:
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Looking forward to seeing the finished article Dave :thumbsup: Sounds really good. Especially the hair :D

When’s it going to be released?
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Wow, we have a film star in our midst....well done fella :thumbsup:
My wifes side of the family are all brummys too (long story), and within 5 minutes of her talking with them then the accent is there
Strange because my wife is pure somerset born and bred lol

Look forward to the finished film Dave.... :D
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Brilliant Dave! Great write up and what an experience. I am pleased to see your finds didn't let the detectorists side found a corgi toy! A day detecting the beach is never really complete for me now without one. :lol:
I fully expect you to be at Cannes next spring, along with your detector being filmed on the sand prior to shimmying along the red carpet.
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Wow there is a unique post! Well done.. Can't wait to see it! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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