Saxons v Romans? A Roman bites the dust!

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Oxgirl wrote: Mon Oct 18, 2021 9:25 am Being a person who doesn’t get excited about Roman coins the only reasons I can see for bothering to hole the things is for good luck. After all we know how superstitious those medieval lot were. However I am not convinced it was to wear them all as jewellery…

I know I watched a TV programme once where there was clear evidence of Roman coins being nailed to beams/ wooden supports in medieval households - sure it was an early medieval (Saxon) home. I’d forgotten about that! I am now wondering how coins were reused :Thinking:

If just nailing it to a beam was the sole reason for the hole so the local blacksmith just wacked a hole in with no regard for any design or coin orientation. Mind you I do find that hard to believe as they were fussy about symbolism so I’m instead going to plump for the modesty theory - i think they were made to avert their eyes :D
Thanks for your input Oxgirl. Yes they did nail coins to doors/beams etc and this may well be what this is all about. The more input we get the more we may learn of this enigmatic practice.
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