Medieval to post medieval book fittings

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Superb free guide to book fittings with good illustrations. Find it here. You can read it online, or download and keep the PDF - no need to register or log in :thumbsup:


This thesis concerns small metal objects, in English referred to as book fittings, in Dutch boekbeslag. They are fitted onto medieval and post-medieval books to keep them closed, to prevent the leather cover from wear and tear and to store them, chained to library lecterns and shelfs. In archaeological excavations, they are found in cesspits, medieval canals, castle moats and former cloister locations. Because knowledge on the identification and function of these items within Dutch archaeological literature is scarce, book fittings became the topic of this MA-thesis. An attempt is made to make a comprehensive typology as well as a chronological overview of types of book fittings, dated between 1200-1700 A.D. Furthermore, decoration types and archaeological find contexts are addressed.
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