decorative buttons and a few nice finds

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The fields beckoned once again and the forecast threatened wind and rain with a little sunshine thrown in for good measure . I only had access to one field for the time being but it had been harrowed and looked absolutely perfect , nice flat soft soil and spongey to walk upon so my hopes were high for a comfortable few hours .
Today seemed to be button day as one after another came on almost every signal . There was a time when I didnt mind finding them when I first got back into the hobby , at least I was finding something and it was a good indication there was items underfoot even if it was just a lowly old tombac . As time wore on the novelty soon wore off especially when they have a habit of disguising themselves as coins , some imitating a hammered coin with that thin shiny edge poking through the clod . Even worse are the gold gilded ones , heart shakers and breakers , pesky things but then one or more take you by surprise like this little bundle full of decoration which makes them look pretty and worth a second glance .
20211022_162007_resized[32435]buttons .jpg
That was about my lot as far as half decent finds were going and while my pocket bulged with a dozen or more plain ones it was still slightly uplifting until the heavens opened up . The rain dripped off the front of my cap , and my boots had now collected half a kilo each of sloppy sticky mud but not to worry , the next signal lifted my sodden spirits in the shape of a neat little Jetton , at last something a little better and enough to spur me on through the sticky wet conditions .
Next up was a strange looking lead piece with a raised rib type pattern , I have no clue but it looks interesting and again another smaller coin in the shape of a tiny Rose Farthing , so all good .
20211022_174038_resized[32436]fathing jetton.jpg
By about 5pm the rain eased off and the sun appeared amongst the heavy grey cloud , it was a token gesture and afforded some warmth from an otherwise cold drab afternoon and there was still an hour or so left until it would become dark and time to leave . A few other bits came my way , an interesting fragment of a buckle which had a buckle design incorporated into the frame , a nice touch and that would have been a neat buckle if it was whole , I was happy with that and then duly disappointed with three consecutive finds which were all shotgun shells and to rub salt into the wound a shiny ring pull . All give off great signals and all equally disappoint .
The light was fading by the time I got towards the boundary of the field and I was contemplating switching off the machine when I had a scratchy signal which to be honest I didnt hold out for much , it didnt sound great but still worthy of a dig and I am glad that I did as it would have been so easy to ignore and avoid fumbling about in the dark .
A nice hammered to round the day off , silver in the dark . It does have a split in the centre but feels solid enough but I was more than happy to be blessed with it and made the wet damp conditions worthwhile .
20211022_181018_resized[32437]hammered 1.jpg
20211022_181140_resized[32438]hammered 2.jpg
The final tally of goodies :thumbsup:
20211022_193837_resized[32439]finds cleaned.jpg
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Some nice bit's there. The Canterbury penny should still straighten okay. Anything can show from anywhere and often does. :thumbsup:
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Brilliant finds! Love a decorated button and you have some really cool ones there. Plus a bonus hammered!

We’ve had ok weather here this week but the cows are guarding the entrance to the harvested maize field which is quite productive. Subsequently I’m left dodging the cow pats on the pasture trying to find anything on a heavily detected field with grass that is still to long. Jealous of your finds as a result!
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A decent days detecting :thumbsup:
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