Gilded something and Roman Brooch ?

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Dave The Slave
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Couple of finds by my detecting friend this week.
Firstly an item with some decent quality Gilding, did think maybe off a spur but flat on the back and no trace of gilding there.
Part of a Roman ? Brooch up next, grots have come up from this field.
Rather nice looking buckle.
Any info on these items appreciated.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Definite Roman brooch and loving that buckle :thumbsup:

The first item puts me in mind of part of a flintlock firing mechanism but that's unlikely.
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Rowel spur fragment.

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Great finds. I found a rowel spur fragment today too - funny how these things are like buses!
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Great finds there Dave👍
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Great finds :thumbsup: just imagine that Rowel spur when it was first made
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