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I was generally thinking about how using higher tones seems to get your attention much better on targets in contrast to say lower tones and especially compared to an iron grunt, though with the Nox I normally use 50 tones which is sort of like full tones on the Deus but less Sooty & Sweep! But not comparing any detectors here, just some personal observations. Generally the higher the frequency used the more elevated the target ID will be and also the tone response, like when using the Deus HF coil for example. But this phonemonum is noticiably more pronounced in single frequency than in multi-frequency. The elevated response may give the impression that it is hitting harder and is really quite nice to use but in reality it is just using a higher tone, a bit like the Deus Sonar program, though we're not talking about Reactivity here. ;)
With the Nox like most I usually search in Field 1, but on really quiet ground I use Gold 1 (with adjustments) as it seems to have a slight edge on depth and targets are just so more pronounced. But it is also a single higher tone program so you just don't miss anything, but being single tone it does give much less target info so you could easily dig more iron unless you use alternative checks on suspected targets.
I was on some very quiet fields last weekend, paid for too, though it did pay off. Not finding many targets so switched from Field 1 into Gold 1 and was soon finding many more though mainly small shallow scrap targets that were pretty unmissable with the single higher tone contrast, though maybe there is a bit more to it than that really?
So just thinking that higher tones for contrast really do have their place when you don't require or desire full tone info. No doubt higher tones can be beneficial to use in areas of heavy iron contamination. What are your experiences or thoughts of using higher tones? :Thinking:
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Interesting and I largely agree with your observations,could you send your tweaks on the gold mode please as I have some ground on which this may work.
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