grassy field playing ball

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Second visit to the grassy meadow which was almost rained off due to a sudden downpour that looked like it was in for the duration , the minute I stepped onto the field the rains came . A cup of tea later and finally the skies cleared a little and by the time I was on my way round the field the final drizzle of rain had ceased .
Not a lot to begin with other than the odd blob of lead , another ring pull and the grunt of iron but it was nice to be back out on the new field . For the time being I am making the most of it and today I had a little longer than last time and as I had not been the full way round the borders so I carried on from where I had left off .
The plan then was to go corner to corner and if time permitted I would the do the centres . Apart from a small bundle of wire not a lot else was showing and then I hit a good signal in the shape of a nice widow head Victoria penny , nice green patina . There is something about that shade of green that doesnt look out of place in amongst the grey mud , you know it is going to be pretty good most of the time and I was happy with the coin which was dated 1899 . I havent had one of these for a long while so it was nice to find one after so long .
Despite the stiff breeze and the constant flurry of wind driven leaves , the weather was mild , autumn glory in its finest , it was good to be out in such fine conditions .
Next signal was a neat looking button with a dazzling starburst design , possibly pewter and a few other random bits of bronze and some more lead . My next find added even more joy to the afternoon , a good solid signal , in went the spade and the satisfying crunch as it bites through the grassy roots , a neat square plug soil side up . It was still in the hole but I could see it and felt the disc for the tell tale loop of another button , there wasnt one , it was a coin and a good one .
20211029_173646[39279]hammered bust.jpg
20211029_173709[39285]hammered reverse.jpg
That made my day for sure , two hammered coins in two visits on a new field which was now filling me with confidence and some potential , lucky boy !
As per usual things then went quiet but it didnt matter , I was more than content with that one coin and now it was time for another cuppa to celebrate my good fortune . The wind played havoc and the sun danced in and out of the clouds and I was blessed with the sight of two Red Kites battling the wind with ease across the next field , spectacular birds and its is great to see them up here in windy Norfolk .
Tea done and then onwards corner to corner and my digging efforts were rewarded with yet more buttons and another ring pull and by now the light was fading and it was time to head back across the field and head for home . I have barely scratched the surface here , it is a small field , five acres but it does seem to be playing ball .
My next signal almost dark was a half hearted dig and was definitely my last one before I switched off and called it a day . Again like last time in the dark I managed one more uplifting find . I could hardly see even with the small beam of light coming from the pinpointer but I knew what it was , a cut half . Great finish to the afternoon .
20211029_191143[39282]cut half and hammered.jpg
20211029_191203[39283]cut half and hammered 2.jpg
The final tally except the fistfull of buttons etc .
20211029_191037[39281]finds cleaned.jpg
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Good going. :thumbsup:

Edward I Berwick penny & a class 1(makes a change) Henry III long x halfpenny.

A ;)
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Allectus wrote: Fri Oct 29, 2021 8:56 pm Good going. :thumbsup:

Edward I Berwick penny & a class 1(makes a change) Henry III long x halfpenny.

A ;)
I got the Edward bit right :lol: Brilliant ID again , thankyou very much . :thumbsup:
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A good outing and lucky to dodge the rain, and a couple of hammered :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Well found and saved :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Regards Steve
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Well done. :thumbsup:
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That field produces the goods again - hope it carries on :thumbsup:
Dave The Slave
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Good session, Paul.
Lovely patina on the Victoria penny.
Berwick on your Edward I, is one i have not noticed before.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Looks like a great field there fella :thumbsup:
And when Mr A says "makes a change" then you know your Henry is a good find too :clapping:
I have some good vibes for this area :ugeek:
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Nice finds Kenleyboy,
always love to see a hammered. :thumbsup:
Well found and well saved.
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Decent finds :thumbsup:
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