Constantine I, VRBS Roma/ She Wolf suckling twins ?

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Dave The Slave
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When my detecting friend hands me a Roman "grot " and i see a distinctive figure with Wolf and Twins on reverse, think i have nailed it, not quite.
Thirty two variations found so far :o but the coin looks too far gone to get any more specific no legend, Stars etc.
Not to worry at least i THINK ? I have the Emperor correct.
Cheers, :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Hard to tell, Dave. This was issued by Constantine and his boys and, as you say, the diagnostic detail required to narrow it down (for me at least) is absent
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Yep tricky to pin down, I have a few, some with detail are ID'd but when there's not much detail its a broad guess, I normal get as much detail as I can and let the FLO edit the record. The trickier bit is getting an image showing the detail :pulling hair out:

Regards Steve
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Has the typical Roman nose, but thats about as far as i go with any sort of ID
Nice find though and bodes well for future forays in that field :thumbsup:
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Looks like a Rome Commemorative to me I must say! well done!
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