Lead weight with copper alloy core

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Easylife wrote: Mon Nov 01, 2021 5:57 pm I bet the other side of the coin is well preserved! ;)
Nice find. :thumbsup:
I was thinking that the weight had been hollowed out and used to hide some gold, with the coin being used to cover it, and also mark it so it want mixed up with plain lumps of lead ;)
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Very unusual find and a great ID from our Cath :clapping:
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Great find and id 👍👍
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Quick update.
The FLO saw this in person and said that it’s definitely a coin, and she suspects it’s a C4 Roman ‘Numi’ (spelling could be wrong), with bust facing right - whatever a Numi is?
I showed her the PAS link that Cath shared. She’s now taken it for closer investigation and will be sharing the find with colleagues with expertise. She did say that the item will probably have a wide date range Roman to post med.
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Thought i had missed this the first time around but obviously didn`t as i gave thumbs up. Had just got back from detecting and my concentration had gone. :oops:
Very interesting item. Let`s say this was part of haul conservators were working through in a museum, reckon they would be easing the coin out to see what it was and if it was a plug for something.
The mystery continues.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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