C17 seal

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I was watching the weather app on Sunday for any break in the rain, but it wasn’t looking hopeful, 100% - 90% from 08.00. - 16.00…. But the gods were smiling down on me, the rain stopped and blue sky and sunshine appeared. Quickly I changed, packed up and walked over to the field. I’d planned this session as I’d wanted to see if I could find the remaining part(s) of a BA palstave axe I found a few weeks ago. I’d set up the hot program, dropped the frequency and turned on the boost. I’d set up the grid and set off really slowly ensuring I covered all land - about 20m square.
2m in and I’d had 2 signals. 1 being a crushed aluminium medicine tube at about 6” - how had I missed that?
2nd signal was a bit scratchy, but solid enough to dig. I took out a spade full - about 6” and it was still in the hole. The probe couldn’t locate it. So out came my wooden digging knife. Fortunately all the rain had softened the soil nicely. Dug out another 4” and the probe indicated it was right in the bottom of the hole. A bit more digging, another few inches down and out popped this lovely 17th century seal matrix with a double headed, (bicapitate),eagle. A bit of research showed that this was a common, off the shelf, non-elite seal of the 17th century.
A total to 20 good signal targets showed themselves, all deep. 2 harness rings, a watch winder, 2 buttons, a bezel from a locket? And the rest was junk.

That took 2 hours and then the heavy rain came again. Pleased with that session :thumbsup:
Thanks for looking
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That’s very nice. Haven’t found a seal in ages and had forgotten how lovely they are. Well done!
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Great find, Shagster :thumbsup:

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Sounds like a good session, with a nice seal to show.
Cheers, :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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