Barbarous Radiate....(Look away now Cath!)

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Pete E
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I am almost ashamed to post this compared to the super Roman finds that are often posted on here, but it's been my only Roman for sometime and only the second Roman coin I have been lucky enough to find... Sadly 1700 odd years in the ground have not been kind to it, but it is what it is!
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Most romans tend to be grots or of little detail, but you will get one some day that you'll think why cant they all be this good, and they've been in the ground for 1700 years

Regards Steve
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Oh, I do love a barbarous :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Yours has the look of Victorinus about it but it could be any one of a number.

Most of my Romans come up totally wasted but, strangely, some of the better examples are barbarous coins. Good metal but sadly brittle as they're usually broken and fragmented
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