A couple of trickiesfor ID please!

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...couple of tricky 'uns this eve chaps and chapettes!

Even the Warlock Allectus may struggle with the Sestertius ( though I think I can see a "bun"... Faustina?)

And no idea of the other.... funny thing, I found the wee shard and noticed the gilding so put it carefully in the bag... and I found the larger bit a few metres on... and it "fits"!

Anyway, any help with the identification of both/either would be much appreciated!

Hope all well
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Maybe Faustina II sestertius with Concordia reverse. Or I'm merely seeing shapes that are entirely gin-induced :lol:
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The other item looks, at first appearance, like the end piece from a dagger or similar - think stud at the end of a wooden handle. But the notch is confusing :Thinking:
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Gilded stud thing looks interesting, Alex. Perhaps used to decorate leather belt bridle, saddle. ?
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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