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Back out again for a very short session even more so now the clocks have gone back leaving less time to play . It had to be the small field again , it has been good to me and its very close to home .
All was going well to begin with , the sun was shining , it was surprisingly warm for November , full flask of tea and the machine nicely juiced up ready for the off .
Now moods and temperament can take a funny old turn when you least expect it , all is going well when this happens .
The Good [ me , sometimes ] The Bad [ large angry dog ] and The Ugly [ equally large angry Lady , not so much ugly as in looks but attitude ]
The coil was merrily swishing away , had a few odd and ends and was going along my corner to corner route when this snarling mutt comes racing towards me , all teeth and paws . Startled was an understatement so I stopped dead in my tracks feverously looking around for the owner and wondering where this big old pooch had come from .
Few expletives from me , the dog charging around barking like a good un and then comes the woman screaming like a banshee , all revved up and flushed . By all accounts I had parked in "her " bay [ not true ] preventing her dog walk in her usual field , Looking to see who owned the car [me ] and mentioned her new hairdo and some waffle about not having time to look around searching for idiots in cars . Quite why the hair got a mention was beyond me , seen better hair on a half sucked dropped sweet but it takes all sorts .
I was also trespassing and blocking her bay [ not true ] so a mention of the landowners name finally had her gob shut and off she went . :shock:
I wasnt quite sure what I had just witnessed , very bizarre and surreal and was over as quick as it had began . I had to laugh , there was I in the middle of nowhere and then the peace and tranquility was shattered in an instance and then peace once again .
With silence restored and a slightly unnerved manner off I set once again with the task in hand . First decent find was this neat decorative button " God My Trust " with a what appears to be a Griffin or Eagle design in the centre . As far as buttons go it was quite a nice one ..
20211102_163611[39309]God my trust button.jpg
Onwards and the field once again was playing ball alongside the scrappy stuff . Just a small pile of rubbish , there was plenty more , lots of shotgun shells and fragments and bits of lead .
Intermittent signals , some good and some bad but soon enough a few good things came my way one being another large button "Wheldons , London " to the rear while the front had me thinking I had nabbed a silver coin but no sadly not .
Nice George penny 1905 with that classic green patina and a few other odds and ends .
This may sound remarkably unfeasible and untrue but again as the light was fading and it was time to head back to the car I had another pretty sweet signal and yet another hammered coin . This time round its a little buckled and battered but a hammered all the same .
It may be a bit too far gone to get a decent ID but if anyone wants to give it a go then be my guest .
Despite the slightly unnerving incident earlier , it was a nice few hours back out again .
Almost forgot to mention the tiniest thimble I have ever found . 14 mm high and 12 mm diameter , must have belonged to a child .
20211102_180152_resized[39311]cleaned finds .jpg
20211102_180205_resized[39312]hammered 1.jpg
20211102_180214_resized[39313]hammered 2.jpg
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Thanks for a great write up as ever, KB :thumbsup: Sounds like you met the village lunatic :D
Kenleyboy wrote: Tue Nov 02, 2021 9:12 pm seen better hair on a half sucked dropped sweet but it takes all sorts .

Great session and the hammered is an Edward (lord knows which one but possibly the first) London penny :thumbsup:
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Kenleyboy wrote: Tue Nov 02, 2021 9:12 pm seen better hair on a half sucked dropped sweet but it takes all sorts .
:lol: :lol:

We have folk like her round these parts too
Cause they parked in a certain spot during the war, they feel entitled to own it forever :shock:

See the silver is still making itself known to you sir, looks like a good few hours with free entertainment
I expect the dogs hair was in a similar style to its owners :lol:
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I’m still laughing about the hair comment. Not surprised you are still happily married - you’ve learnt the importance of a quick thinking sincere sounding compliment whilst your mind is running a string of expletives whilst exploding :lol: That is advanced level in the ‘how to manage women succesfully’ course :Star: ;)

Nice finds. Love how the best finds are usually the first or last one on the field! Great mix of finds in terms of years too. Obviously a site with continuous history :thumbsup:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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A great write up and a laugh. No doubt more good bits to come from there. :thumbsup:
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Great post ,Paul with some nice finds.
Some Hair Salon could use that description. :lol:
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Looks like a nice day of finds, sadly spoiled by a screaming banshee, someone like that I would of wound her up with "hope your going back to sue the hairdresser" followed with "mind the gate don't hit your backside when leaving the field"

Why is it some people feel so entitled (male, female or whatever binary number they might be on the day) that they have any authority of whoever they are barking at to do their bidding or try to wrongly extract an apology or explanation.
A foolish faith in authority, is the worst enemy of truth." Albert Einstein
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