Moody sky

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Sat having my lunch on a third session in the musket shot field, had 18 more yesterday, just looking over the scenery, the quiet and calm only interrupted with some birds chirping, and the odd plane going over.

All the troubles and problems life brings are forgotten and packed away for the day

Just how lucky we are to have the countryside to wander around in, combine this with hobby we have can life be any better, the only worry is how deep the next target will be
Regards Steve
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Looks like the nature gods are trying to put you off from staying in that field
Follow your instincts 'luke'

Scratchy signal dig you must :ugeek:
Dave The Slave
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Forever looking in the sky when rain is forecast, checking cloud direction etc.
Been extremely lucky since getting drenched in July !! Only a couple of, edge of cloud showers lasting a couple of minutes.
Your stubble looks nice and flat, never seem to get that luxury.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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You just can't beat having a very relaxed random wander wherever it may lead. :thumbsup:
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