Spade reviews.

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Cauldwells poachers spade.
My spade has proved to be about indestructable, it cost me £6 about 18 years ago and it's still all good but I just fancied one with bit of a longer straight blade so I bought a Cauldwells poachers spade. It's a very strong spade indeed and has no flex at all. It's first outing was on a clay soil pasture field and it had no problem levering out deep clods in the quite hard ground. This spade is slightly heavier than my other being 2.3kg, which can be advantageous in harder ground, though I drag them around anyway so it's no issue at all. It's just 99cm tall so shorter than some, though about 5cm taller than my other one which weighs 1.9kg. On the pasture I just like to oink out a deep clod and quickly retrieve the target and this spade is proving to be ideal for that. The blade is 27cm long and 14.5cm wide tapering to 13cm just before the start of the rounded end. The tread protectors are unobtrusive but very solid. The timber shaft is made of ash though I'm not entirely sure of the handle metal. The finish is okay for a spade. The only improvement I think would be to sharpen up the blade some more.
As spades go it wouldn't suit everyone due to it's 2.3kg weight but it seems about perfect for my land and style of digging.
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Thanks Easy,I stuck with my Burger and ball ground breaker and adapted it slightly by tapering it and sharpening the sides.It weighs 1.8 kg and sling it over my shoulder.Probably a bit tall for some but I find the extra leverage useful.
Your spade would definitely benefit by sharpening it and it looks like a great piece of kit.
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