Day 4 and 5 Round up

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Day 4 and 5 round up in the Musket shot field, thankfully there are only a few musket shot coming up now, one more day in the field should see it done one way

Not a lot to show for day 4

A blank coin, buckle fragment, George III Halfpenny, 2 vessel fragments and a vessel handle


The other bits day 4

Victoria penny, 4 musket shot and 1 pistol shot, 3 lead bullets, 4 buttons, 2 furniture mounts, a small thimble, scrap bronze, copper alloy possible harness ring and a small furniture mount


Day 5

A 2d Token, A locket that has a glass front, either a picture or lock of hair, not a watch as no winder, the round part revolves in the frame, possibly Victorian, George III halfpenny 1st issue, George III halfpenny 3rd issue, Elizabeth I Sixpence, a bent in half hammered penny, Jetton, a roman coin , an odd bit of copper alloy possible small handle to something, William III Halfpenny and a Napoleon III Cinq Centimes,
The locket was with the Victoria penny right next to each in the same hole, not sure if a purse loss as these were in it together or just coincidence? The small hammered penny is bent and has a hole through it and will not straighten as there’s a crack that’s to far gone to risk it
I will get some pictures of the Napoleon coin, locket and the hammered later in the week as busy the next few days.


The other bits day 5

4 musket shot, cattle horn protector, harness buckle, 4 George V pennys, a Victoria penny, modern one penny, a furniture mount, 5 buttons, WILTS army badge part, 2 plain lead seals, a scrap of coper alloy and a padlock keyhole cover

Regards Steve
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Day 5 knocked spots off day 4, eh? :thumbsup:
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