Some finds from this afternoon

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A break from the workshop was in order , a late night at the bench and then an early start before sunrise and it was time for a well earned cup of tea . Weather wise it was going to be another nice day although the wood burner crackling away told me different , fresh mornings in November are never warm enough to work in especially if varnishing is the order of the day .
Gazing out across the field affords me a pleasant view , it is a nice interlude while working , have a break and enjoy the Blue Tits and Blackbirds foraging for food amongst the autumn branches . Soon enough my view will be a little more open as the leaves drop and reveal bare branches and frost yet today as the sky looked more brighter and the sun was climbing my thoughts turned to the farm fields .
I tried to fight off the urge to go as some of the orders were beginning to mount up and become a bit pressing but by midday I gave in , it was a glorious day and a few hours out would clear my head and I could make the time up in the evening .
I had one field in mind this afternoon , once parked up on the track I could get my kit and literally just walk onto it , nice and easy and very lazy .
I do like this field , it is a nice size at about ten acres and completely enclosed by tree and hedgerow and gradually slopes down towards an old footpath and brook and I have had some nice bits from here .It can get a bit boggy so I tend not to bother too much with it especially after a week of rain , everything ends up as a sticky mess .
To begin with I had five good signals on after another and each one proved to be a button but my perseverance paid off when a surprise but welcomed cut half came into view .
20211109_121012_resized[39372]cut half 1.jpg
20211109_121052_resized[39373]cut half 2.jpg
As per usual more buttons and two ring pulls later then a nice little item which has me guessing came up .At first I thought it was a tiny buckle but after wiping away the mud I thought it was a ring but somehow deep down I dont think it is as it has the look of the end of a key . The only issue with that is there doesnt appear to be a break , the top oval is smooth yet the band itself doesnt look like it would fit a finger unless its been squashed out of shape . Whatever it turns out to be it does seem to have some age .
A few other bits and bobs came up and a 1954 half shilling looking a slight discoloured .
20211109_145731_resized[39377]palm finds .jpg
As always the evenings draw in closer and the light was fading so it was time to make my way back to the car . A few blobs of lead and random shaped bits of copper and then a really high pitch of a sigal which I wrongly assumed would be some can slaw but pleasantly surprised with this juicy half crown . Sadly one year out from being almost full silver but still very pleased although whoever lost it was no doubt none too happy , far bit of money back in the day .
20211109_163233_resized[39378]half crown .jpg
20211109_163302_resized[39380]half crown head.jpg
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Is it the top of a swivel? Is there any sign of a hole?
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TheFenTiger wrote: Tue Nov 09, 2021 9:26 pm Is it the top of a swivel? Is there any sign of a hole?
It does look like a swivel but no hole at all :thumbsup:
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My immediate thought was a swivel too but as you’ve confirmed there’s no hole or sign of a break so I’m also scratching my head (no I don’t have nits or a dry scalp :lol: ).

Glad to see the Deus is still winkling out the silver too :Party:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Some nice finds there, Paul.
Especially like the Half Crown, a denomination i am yet to find along with its big brother.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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