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Below taken from another thread, so any thanks are due to TheFenTiger rather than myself.
TheFenTiger wrote: Thu Nov 11, 2021 8:58 am This is a good site for the farthing mint marks

http://www.psdetecting.com/Mintmarks-Ch ... lesII.html
So I had a look and went to the higher level http://www.psdetecting.com/ if you click on the "Enter" it will take you to a whole list of really useful looking stuff.

I only checked a couple of bits and they looked good. As I only quickly glanced at it have not suggested adding to the "Useful links" pinned thread yet but might be worth adding once it has been checked in more detail.

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I have used that site on occasion for a long while, it is quite good for hammered inscriptions and mintmarks. :thumbsup:
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It is a great little site :thumbsup:
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Thanks Saffron. I know we link to it somewhere in the master resarch link s topic (this one). I only know that cause I spent 3 hours updating and adding to it only this week. Can’t remember what area though and haven’t the energy to go look right now :oops:

However I will add in the link to these mint marks in the next few days as it’s a good one :thumbsup:

If anyone finds any other good sites that help with research please do let us know. We’ll add them to the master list when we do our regular updates.
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