River Hunters - War of the Roses special

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On Monday 16 November there’s a one hour special on Sky History - Battle of Towton. It is a brand new episode and promises the best finds yet, not that the bar was that high! However I enjoy these programmes so will be tuning in👍🏼

Series 3 starts this month too, or so we are told!
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I do not have Sky so will not see this but the Battle of Towton was probably the largest ever fought on Britsh soil, and changed our history with the victory of Edward IV over Henry VI establishing the House of York as the ruling dynasty.

What would seem strange to those used to "modern" warfare is that one of the main decisive factors in this battle was the strong wind, and snow storm :o . The Yorkist archers with the wind behind them were able to cause heavy losses in the Lancastrian ranks and force them to leave the prepared defensive positions, while the Lancastrian archers firing into the strong wind could not reach the Yorkists as their arrows fell short. As the Lancastrians withdrew the advancing Yorkists then used these arrows to fire at the Lancastrians.

It might now seem hard to believe but if the wind had been in the opposite direction maybe the Lancastrains would have won the battle and Henry VI remained on the thrown and there never have been a House of York monarchy.

As this program is "River Hunters", I assume it will be based on the rivers ..... it is said that the rivers run red with the blood of the fleeing Lancastrians for days after the battle.

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