Something zoomorphic-y from an intriguing area of one of my fields...

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I have a part of my best field (which I do regularly in small sessions as it's behind my house) which is intriguing. The field has an ancient ridge-way through it which was still in use in the early 19th century. Judging by many of my finds along it it was used a lot for droving cattle and sheep. (I suppose most country lanes were) But it has also thrown up some Roman stuff, and some celtic stuff in small doses over the years.

In this particular area, close to the ridgeway (now long ploughed out) I have found two pieces of definite Merovingian stuff (clothes toggle and an equal armed brooch) plus a chip carved mount which is absolutely Merovingian/Frankish (mid to late Saxon in Brit-Speak) plus a Roman fruit-spoon handle. And a bit of viking stuff to boot- so a lot going on. Plus a few other bits which seem old but I am going to have to ask about. This seemed like a barrel tap when I put it into my pouch. It was muddy and I couldn't see much. But when I got it home I saw the head on the end and it is not hollow but solidly modelled into the bronze.
Clearly a mount of some sort, the middle of the back clearly shows the iron of the nail/pin. It looks to have a tail at one end and the remains of broken legs now just little stubs. It doesn't look like a horse...more like a cat or dog!
It isn't flat at the back and is obviously meant to go on something with a sloping profile. My first thought is a bucket mount but I would appreciate some ideas. I haven't found anything similar on this permission. An idea of age would be appreciated also. I suppose the odds are on it being medieval/post medieval but because of other things around this area I want to be sure as it builds up a picture.
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Does have a Cat like appearance to it, Jan.
Hopefully someone will provide some more info.
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Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Nice find! :thumbsup: I'll have a nice few £ on a Roman vessel mount.

A ;)
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Maybe part of a lid with a cat head handle?
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How unusual, it’s great to find something unusual and well made. The style reminds me of those double headed knife stops but have no idea what it was used for.
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Would be great if Allectus has hit the button there :clapping:

Nice find and thanks for sharing to get opinions :thumbsup:
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