A sunny afternoon.

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A sunny afternoon seemed ideal for a swing on the pasture. With sunnies on and my jacket placed in the hedge I started off by gridding about a 10m x 10m area for no other reason than I thought there would still be some targets there. There were quite a few but mostly bits of lead. Then a couple of coins showed from a bit of a random wander close by, one being an 1844 half farthing. The ground was quite soft to about 6" depth and most targets were at about 8" as usual on this land. I made my way over to a field which I have covered the least and more coins showed. Then I had my worst target response ever, I first thought that my wireless headphone connectivity had turned bad. It was such a broken intermittent response, though not like iron masking, I just had to dig it out of curiosity. Though muddy and looking like foil the target was actually a thin silver lid that was scrunched up. Even after straightening it out some it still gives quite a jumpy response no doubt due to it's shape. A few more keepers showed including part of a crotal bell, a 1 shilling token, a general service cuff button, a George III sixpence forgery and a small livery button. So a fun enough session but the fading light forced an end of play after 3 1/2hrs and 74 targets.
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74 targets :shock:
You must have arms like popeye :lol:

Not a bad session if the history is only a couple hundred years old or so

I read somewhere that if a field is ploughed then it takes 3 ploughs to return it to the same state as before the first plough
If that makes sense
So maybe older finds need another plough to get within detecting range :thumbsup:
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Loads of digging i love a field that is busy it makes it more fun
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Plenty of digging, with some interesting finds.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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74 targets dug in three and a half hours is impressive on pasture, well done Easylife :clapping:
Some interesting stuff too !
Well found and well saved.
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