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Fisher 1266 X
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Hi Guy's (and Gals of course),

Thanks to twitter I found this forum

Looking forward to sharing some finds (if we find any!) and stories with you and I'm sure this season is going to be far different to the last one.

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Newbie my rump!
Welcome in fella :thumbsup:
May the detecting gods grant you a good season :ugeek:
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Great to have you with us :thumbsup: Nice to know the word is spreading :D
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I thought I recognised the name and ive not been a forum participant for a couple of years.

Hello Fisher, hope your well
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welcome Fisher :thumbsup:
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Hi Paul, nice to see you here. :thumbsup:
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Welcome, Paul. Good to see you here, my man :thumbsup:
Dave The Slave
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Hi Paul,
Good to see you on here.
Looking forward to your finds this season.
Good Luck, :thumbsup:
Fisher 1266 X
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Thank you for the warm welcome, lets hope I can pick up a few hints and tips :thumbsup:
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Welcome fisher enjoy the forum it’s great 👍
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Junk and Disorderly
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Good to see you Paul,look forward to seeing what has been happening with your detecting adventures albeit not alot i guess during the summer due to the Pandemic.
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And a belated ‘Hello Paul’ from me. :D

I’m looking forward to seeing some more of your great pics. Old or new :thumbsup:
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