Headphones - did you know you can get a wireless slave pair?

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I have only just picked up something about the new WS6 headphones (the new back-phone type like the old WS4’s for Deus I) that I didn’t know so I thought I’d share this knowledge with you.

The WS6 headphone puck can be used with another wireless set of XP headphones and offer you target display info in the stem

If you have any knowledge of the Deus and the WS4 headphones you’ll know they have a removable thing (called a puck) which you attach to other after market headphones, or you can use with wired headphones if you like. The WS6s have this same removable puck feature.

Now XP have shown the puck mounted on the machine stem so the lite set up can also provide target ID info, etc.

‘So what?’ you are probably thinking. Well if it was on the stem you wouldn’t want to attach a wired set of headphones to it would you? I mean that would be rubbish :shock: .

What they have done to solve this is design two more headsets that are wireless but ‘dumb’. They can be used alongside the WS6s as wireless sets, offering a very lightweight backphone option (WSA-11) or a full cup one (WSA-11XL). You can also choose wired of course if you want to :?

One assumes it’ll be much cheaper to buy a second set of dumb headphones than another full ‘intelligent’ set :thumbsup: More importantly super light headphones would be heavenly, especially full cup ones because they can feel unbalanced with the controls on one side.

So, if you are like me and like to have a second full cup set for winter so you can now still choose to use the puck on your after-market headset from a third party or go for an ultra light set from XP and still stay wireless.

Clever :thumbsup:

Not available yet but looking forward to their introduction which we believe will be next year.
Know more here
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