Mine and my friends hoard

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This happens this year mine and my friends Petes hoard we found 3 axe heads and not to far away a Bronze Age spear still amazes me flicking back at the picture to upload them to here 😀
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Wow....that is something to behold.... :thumbsup:
there was a hoard of axe heads found near me many years ago.......one is on my bucket list...
john nox600
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once again mate well found . and a nice sunny day for it . not like now
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Was that on an MDG dig? I had the absolute pleasure if holding a Spear like that last year. It was a Roman one. I just stared it in in awe.

Beautiful things to find, well done :thumbsup: Very jealous too 8-)
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Great find and a bucket lister for me , especially an axe head ,
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Awesome, the spearhead has survived well. :thumbsup:
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Beautiful finds . :thumbsup:
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Great finds guys and there is something very special about finding a hoard :thumbsup:
Dave The Slave
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Just love that spearhead.
Axe heads are great too.
Well found, :thumbsup:
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Thanks for the reply it is a stunner of a spear head it’s been well protected over the years and the edge is sharpe as the day it was made
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Now, that's my kind of hoard :Star:

I had the rare privilege of turning up for a training day with my FLO and there, in the room we were to be working and spread out across two tables, were the contents of a huge BA hoard. I was in seventh heaven and couldn't concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing all day.

Great find(s) :thumbsup:
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Amazing hoard! Congratulations. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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That is a amazing find and very well done to both of you,did you detect a slightly wider area around the finds as some times other could well be close by,normally you find 2 types of BA hoard finds either alot of basically broken bits awaiting to be melted down or a pit with brand new items in the pit.

Once again well done.
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Now that’s what you call a spear head. Great find in wonderful condition. :thumbsup:

A few steps up from the one I found. Clearly iron and in poor shape. But I was totally convinced I knew what it was. Off it went to be officially I.D’d and recorded.
Came back with a short note. I.D.’d as a decorative point off a Victorian railing :oops: :lol:
We all live in hope and anticipation :roll:

p.s. I went one better a few years later. I found a Polished Neolithic Axe Head .They soon recorded that one :thumbsup:
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