Republican Denarius, Calpurnius Piso 90BC

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Dave The Slave
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Chinese people believe No8 is lucky, beginning to think that way to.
Five seasons ago, found first Roman coin, Vespasian Denarius on 8th visit to the field and indeed the farm.
Season 2, found a Republican Denarius, Livli 101BC on the 8th visit to that field.
Next 2 seasons nothing.
Yesterday my detecting friend found 2 Romans, one being a Republican Denarius. L.Calpurnius, Piso 90BC,, with Horseman on reverse.
Checking my notes, this was the 8th visit to this field :Party:
Half an hour earlier and one of the first finds, was a Constantine,
Really pleased for her and it`s put another400yrs on the History of this field.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Looks like a very interesting site there mate with a long history of Roman. Great finds :clapping: :clapping: :thumbsup:
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Ooh, you got to love those Republicans (though Biden might not agree with that :lol: )

High quality denarii like this were kept in circulation for up to hundreds of years after first being minted and the wear on that would indicate that it was dropped a long time after it was made. :thumbsup:

The Constantine (SOL INVICTO COMITI?) ain't too dusty either.
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Nice Republican coin and great Id, Dave :clapping: I must admit when i first saw it :o i thought it looked a bit like a rare denarius of Carlo Collodi Pinoocchio and that`s the truth :lol:
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So if you go visit for ten minutes, leave, wait 5 minutes and return, then repeat till you step foot on it for the eighth time could you find Roman in one day on every detecting day? :lol:

Congratulations, and know you love your Roman coins :Party:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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very nice Octavius!
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Big nose, brilliant find.
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