Deus II quick start up guide - why we’ve removed it

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To avoid any questions I’d like to explain why we’ve removed the Deus II user guide and another topic displaying some tech spec from it that had been posted today. Both were published in good faith - I’d sent the user guide to Blackadder and asked him to post it here. The guide had already been shared on numerous Facebook pages so seemed like a reasonable course of action.

Alarm bells rang a bit though when we noticed the guide wasn’t on the XP site. After a bit of checking with official XP sources it appears the guide is a leaked early draft and has inaccuracies. As a result it doesn’t seem right to leave it on here as we don’t have the rights to share unpublished materials and we know it isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of the product spec.

Apologies - we’ll publish the real guide as soon as XP release it :thumbsup:
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