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figgis wrote: Sat Nov 27, 2021 7:51 pm :lol:

Oh, I got loads...

Ackers, Gelt, Spondulicks, Sovs, Dosh, Bangers, and so on...

I hide behind these terms to mask my bitter disappointment at never having found Saxon :cry:
Ackers, that brings back memories! I used to work on site with an old decorator years ago and every Friday he’d ask the boss for his ackers.I’ve never heard anyone else use that term apart from him.
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Charles Abbeyville
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HolzHammer wrote: Sat Nov 27, 2021 1:26 pm ...its happened!!!!

Top of my wish list for years!!!

Afternoon All,
I finally found an Anglo Saxon coin, I think it is Harold I. It sounded like thin foil (XP Deus Lite in Hot) and the only reason I dug it was that it definitely was not a ring pull ( which sound much 'sharper') with which this pasture is littered as they hold all sorts of events on it.
Right, on to second on the list, an aureus and then I can stop!
And I had literally only been saying an hour before that I still hadn't found one and it had been on my mind as to when it would happen. So I am now going to enter a day long trance and only contemplate Roman Gold!

All the Best

P.s I couldn't bare a scale ruining the first two photos but have added one in the last...
Well done Alex.
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Thank you all so much for your replies - all very nice to read from my sick bed in Herts 😁I have the most terrible cough which simply won't shift and battling the elements trying to find Saxon coins isn't helping so I am making myself stay in all weekend (poor Tasci!)
Hope you are all well and safe
All the B
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Lovely coin indeed, very nice :thumbsup:
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Stunning coin. The alloy of silver they used means they come out looking so good. My only full Saxon is Edward the Confessor and it came out so shiny I thought it was a stainless washer at first.
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Very well done Alex
That’s lovely & good luck for more soon.
Clint :thumbsup:
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A dream coin and in very good nick! Congrats :thumbsup:
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Wow! Very nice 👍🏻
Always carefully proof-read what you've typed to see if you've any words out.
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