I feel very priviledged

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So once again the on the field that holds wonders with history from iron age to current day. Bitterly cold day nearly fave up, but this field holds a roman villa and a saxon burial. Yields very few finds but the one it does tend to impress. There are not many signals not so much junk. Last time out two of us mustered part of a cross bow fibula and a tudor clothes clasp as only keepers in 6 hrs between us. This time cold was biting had dug 4 holes with lead in. I then found one of the attached, not so impressive on its own. When i showed my mate he said no way......... He knew exactely what it was, part of a saxon disc broach thathe found 4 years and 2 plougings earlier Flo is convinced it was grave goods as found in vicinity of gold roman coin! Then 1 hr later i found a 2nd piece 30 yards apart on a totally different line! I feel very priviledged to have added to this piece of history. Forgive pics havent cleaned as my mate got told off for over cleaning by Flo. Do one leaving as is for experts. So so glad to reunite garnets and will be hunting for final fragments
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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What a great result on a truly amazing find :clapping:

Keep looking on that field :thumbsup:
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Great find there, and fantastic to match the pieces up too :clapping:
Another field of dreams for one of our members :thumbsup:

Looking forward to further updates in your finds :ugeek:
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A superb find, just a shame that it got broken. :thumbsup:
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Very, very lucky man!

Great find and amazing to find both bits. Stuff like that can sometimes takes months or years to find the other part. I wonder if it is a recent break?

Congratulations :Star:
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Impessive find - well found! :thumbsup:
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Great find :thumbsup:
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Great find, :thumbsup:
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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