A masked find.

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I came across this spectacular find whist looking on the PAS database, I bet it gave a good signal!
https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts ... /id/404767
D2 - 13"x11" coil - audio only.
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By gor, a find like that would be worth temporary loss of hearing :thumbsup:
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Makes me think of a certain scene in Gladiator, accompanied by tigers. Spectacular and awe-inspiring.
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Wow awesome
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One of the reasons why they want to change the definition of treasure as it is of national importance and as it is not treasure ended up in a private collection. Lots of info about it online and in a certain Polish blog if you want your brain to dribble from your ears. There is even some doubt over its find spot / provenance .

Just search Crosbie Garrett helmet.
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I listened to a really interesting podcast on the Crosby Helmet from PAS which you can access here on Apple devices or by looking up S2E4 on the PASTcast account from PAS.

Skip to around 45 minutes in to know more about it. Basically it’s an elite sports Trojan helmet used to build and show off your military prowess and horsemanship as it has limited vision and is difficult to wear and still fight.
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Not sure if you can get to see it in real life but if it ever is on display anywhere, then it is worth the effort to view it. It is a spectacular thing. Was restored by the auction house that sold it I believe. Agree with the post ref the changes to the treasure act. It was changed because of the Crosby Garrett Helmet not being regarded as a national treasure and was sold to the highest bidder.
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TheFenTiger wrote: Mon Nov 29, 2021 8:51 pm There is even some doubt over its find spot / provenance .
I would be interested to hear more about that?

I thought it was discovered not far from a Roman road and was buried on some sort of stone " alter"? In fact wasn't the area later excavated and found to be a previously unknown Iron Age/Romano British settlement??
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Knowing me I would have probably left it, thinking it was a can
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