Silver day part 2

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here's the update on your lithic. The caveat is always that the interpretation has been done from pictures.

First, it is described as "a very nice piece indeed".

All things considered and when compared to other parts of his collection he's described it as probably an Early Neolithic roughout for a leaf-shaped point.
It could go on to be an arrowhead or spear or any tool in between but would almost certainly be hafted. So this is getting the bulk of the stone (looks like chert) into an approximate shape before the finer work starts. And point covers the broad area of, well, pointy things. He did consider a roughout for a sickle but it's too small.
The piece is thought to be largely complete but with the damaged area I pointed out. It's been bifacially worked - just means both sides.

And he sends his congratulations.

The only downside of checking this is he's sent me some comparison pictures from his collection - green with envy!
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A great day out with some lovely finds :thumbsup:
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Superb day and what a fantastic flint tool :thumbsup:
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