The other half of the fleet.

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I had another 2 hours on the pasture so covered some more of the ground near the houses where last time out four ship halfpennies showed. This time I found another four of them as well as some other coins. The most unexpected was a 1964 penny, although quite recent still rare to find. A sweet sounding 25 on the Nox, I guessed right at it being a silver sixpence, not had one of those for quite a while so most welcome. And yet another George III shilling forgery, I must have had about a dozen of them locally as well as other forgeries. The ground in this particular section seems to be particularly kind to coins compared to the rest of it so quite a bonus!
Along the fence line a surprise cigarette case showed and close to it in another dig hole a Shipstone & sons beer bottle, both about 5" deep but seem to date about 1940/50's? Part of a 17th century spectacle buckle bodes quite well for the possibility of the odd Tudor hammered being about. But strugling to place an early 20th C button, though most likely military, posted up for ID.
65 targets recovered in 2 hours, more than I was expecting though about a third were aluminium in various forms but no greenwaste. The main part of this field seems to be the quietest of all here though I have barely ever searched it to be honest, though now do have some renewed interest in it!
Here's the full fleet! :D
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That’s a busy day! Interesting spread of dates to.

I’m on a barren stretch tight now, but then I’ve not done much detecting so maybe there’s a correlation there :lol:
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You keep popping them out i hardley find any and definately not in any sort of decent condition
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