Rain Delayed Limited Overs.

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Dave The Slave
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Well you have to get creative, when you have not found much in a shortened session.
The forecast said 90% rain followed by showers, so we took a risk on the 10th visit to this ground.
Well the light rain was more like sudden heavy down bursts, so waited in the car until the showers were due to arrive.
Even the wind had run out of puff and it was a further half an hour before it was time to open the innings.
The outfield was still showing signs of water in the mower tracks.
An hour and a half for an extremely slow 12, which was better than England could muster for their first 3 wickets the following day, meant i needed something larger than a postage stamp to photo the finds. Rummaging through the recycling bin, found an Egg Custard yuk carton that would suffice.
Buckle has already been posted. These floral pressed copper alloy bits turn up all over the place.
My batting partner, was scoring at a much brisker pace although there were no boundaries.
28 was a decent score in that time, even Sir Geoff would have been pressed to match that score.
First real soaking of the season but you need to keep batting under various conditions.
Another 10 minutes and a deluge would have hit the field , luckily bad light stopped play.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Sounds like the sort of day I'd peek round the door at then immediately retire to the dressing room, Dave.

But then again if you don't get out to the wicket you ain't going to knock up a decent innings, eh?
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Do you ever wonder why we bother? I am on a massive downer with my detector right now. I wonder if it knows I’m going to dump it for a newer model :Thinking: It must :D You did better than me though. The highlight today was part of a broken furniture handle.
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Well played for not staying in 'the hut' playing cards. (Which is what always happened when Pete was rained off. :lol: The umpires would go out to the middle shaking their heads like mourners dressed in white. Tea was served early and then everyone went home. Detectorists have more stickability. When I put in a session like yours I always feel virtuous...as if I have been saving up reward points in the detecting bank for future forays. :thumbsup:
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