Axe head aging

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Hi, this is my first post so please be kind :thumbsup:
I found this in a wooded area in the northwest of England. It was heavily encrusted with rust and a bit of electrolysis brought it up nicely.

I'm struggling to find something to agree it against. Has anyone any ideas? Do I have something interesting or just another pal paper weight?
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Hiya and welcome into the forums :thumbsup:

I cant find the name of it, or its age, but i did find a match for its shape

This one is described as 'Antique' so possibly within the last 150 years in design terms?
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It's a typical hatchet or small hand axe probably 19th century. The same design is still in use now. :thumbsup:
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I’ve got a bit of an axe story , not an antique one though!
Years ago I was doing some building work in the main hospital in Bristol and as I went outside to get some lunch this bloke dressed in a long black knee length coat walked towards the doors. He was carrying what was obviously a woodsmans axe not very well hidden with a black bin liner over the head end of it.
My mind instantly went into overdrive, what the hell was going on. I thought maybe I should pretend I hadn’t seen it and go to lunch …but what if this bloke was a madman and was intent on going berserk with the axe in a hospital ward? I’d never forgive myself.
By now the bloke was heading through the hospital doors as I frantically looked for a security guard but there was any. The bloke was now heading through the doors of a ward. I was really panicking now and expecting to here people start screaming at any moment.
I was absolutely flustered now as I quickly explained to the receptionist that a bloke had just walked in with an axe .I was ready now to try and have to take this bloke down as soon I saw him. Quickly we went to the staff room and I blurted out to the sister what I’d seen and then noticed the axeman was in the staff room ! They all had a good chuckle as they explained that the doctor had brought in his axe to lend the ward sister for chopping firewood! It took me ages to calm down from being so fired up!
I did get some praise for not ignoring it though!
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Welcome to forum :thumbsup: Very difficult to date but i go along with the above, looks like it`s had a hard life and going by the top edge may possibly been used as a wedge after the handle broke
Montreal pattern :?:
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