Maybe the best is still to come?

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It's quite funny how you can search a field for a few years then suddenly make your best find from it. For me one pasture field produced it's first hammered and another a gold sovereign, they were both solid targets just waiting to be found so just down to chance when I happened to walk over them. Another field which I had searched quite well for a few years, I just decided to search along the hedgeline once again and out popped a Roman siliqua from only about 4" deep, the first and only Roman from this field, not sure how that one was missed before! But it just goes to show that even when there are not many targets left that any one of them could still be your best find from that field. Maybe not such a bad way to look at it as it adds hope, and as we all know anything can be absolutely anywhere with no rhyme or reason! :?
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