Final Visit to this field until the New Year

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Dave The Slave
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Monday we made our 12th and final visit to this field, which has so far exceeded all expectations.
The weather was bitter on the plateau but once down the hill, the wind chill rescinded.
Twenty seven items dug by myself, including the Sestertius and pointy bullet posted on here yesterday.
Nine buttons beat the previous record of 7, all plain, bar a leaf design and another with random gilt.
Did find a small decorated clasp, probably Victorian,
Will put my friends finds on here tomorrow, which will include a hefty Bronze pot leg.
Did find a fossil, which i will post in the appropriate section.
Had said before starting the session, just wanted to find something that could be researched and within a few minutes and feet of each other on the same sweep path, up came the Sestertius and bullet.
Cheers all, :thumbsup:
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Good session of mixed finds there. Hope you get out again before the new year :thumbsup:
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At least some keeprs there fella for you and your friend :clapping:
And plenty of digging to keep yur cockles warm
Lets hope the detecting gods are equally generous on your return in 2022 :thumbsup:
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Dave The Slave wrote: Wed Dec 22, 2021 3:30 pm Did find a small decorated clasp, probably Victorian.
A clog clasp, nice to find one with decoration. :thumbsup:
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That field will certainly yield a lot more to you when you get back on it - it shows so much promise :thumbsup:

Thanks for giving us the story of that field, and look forward to hearing how it all unfolds in the future.
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Yes indeed... a good session and as Figgy Pudding says, lots to look forward too. it is so nice to have a field where you are anticipating finds. Adds spice.
You mentioned the wind chill on the top of the plateau and how that changed just going down the hill. I have several fields that straddle a ridge. It is very noticeable as I move around the field where the sheltered areas are. Sometimes these are quite surprising little areas where the wind seems to drop, It isn't due to trees as it is a big old field with no trees either. It is not the least surprising that the finds on the field exactly correspond to these slightly sheltered areas. In modern developments the orientation of a house is a matter of expediency and space. We no longer can pick and choose the perfect spot in the landscape. In old days the direction it faced and the exact spot was carefully chosen with weather/wind and light at the forefront of the mind. Here in Normandy there was a good deal of rural depopulation and many houses have simply vanished from the landscape since the cadastral map in 1830. It is noticeable that the ones that survived were the ones in little 'sweet spots' where the temperature is often 5 degrees warmer than areas as close as 50 yards away. Now obviously that also applied in ages past like the Roman period. So worth making a mental map as you walk around your fields, what is exposes and what is sheltered. People don't linger in drafty spots.
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Exactly why i love a good forum
Nuggets of info come out when you least expect them
:clapping: :clapping:
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