Polished Neolithic axe.

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Dave mentioned that I should put a piccy of my axe on here. (I posted it on last year before this section was but a twinkle in the mods' eye.) It was spotted while wandering home after a very unproductive detecting session. The ground was very very dry and had been harrowed and dusty. The field had had a drainage system put in the year before (lots of deep parallel diagonal drainage ditches had been dug and back filled.) So that is what brought it up because it was perfect and hadn't been bashed about by the plough.
It really did stick out like a sore thumb amongst the rough flints that are littering the soil here. (Worked flints are incredibly difficult to spot as a result) This is polished granite from Brittany. Apparently there was a 'factory' there which churned these things out and sent them all over Europe!! The rough bit is where the glue etc held it.
There has obviously been a huge growth of finds of metal since detecting started. Especially in objects that were not previously studied much like lead tokens, bag seals, buckles and other vernacular objects which had previously been ignored by the professionals. But this must also be true of Stone/eyes only finds. The number of stone tools and pottery fragments being found must have expanded immensely over the last 40 odd years. No-one would have found this axe. Even the green lane which passes this field has only a handful of walkers on it a month. In the last 6 years since we have lived here I have never ever seen anyone walk on this field. It is close to home and I would notice. Apart form people driving heavy farm machinery no-one ever roams over it. It is a big big field. So the chances of finding it, even for me, were tiny. If it had been just an inch deeper in the dirt i would have missed it. This is why it's my favourite ever find.
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Yep , got to say that ranks as one of the best finds and I remember when it was first posted . As you say , a find that could so easily be overlooked depending on conditions but something led you towards , it was waiting to be found . :thumbsup:
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A brilliant find, it looks great. :thumbsup:
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That is beautiful,still looks fairly sharp. Top quality find :thumbsup: :clapping:
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Remember when you first posted this, Jan.
Think we would all say a Bronze axe would probably be top of the finds list but a stone one has to surpass that.
Good job you spotted it, to rescue it and bring the axe to the attention of others.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Not much else I can add to that :D
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What a brilliant find. It looks like it’s just been dropped!
Nice one. :D
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Now that , I like a lot !!!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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This is the best axe head I’ve ever seen, and ranks up there as one of the best finds any detectorist has made on the forums. I think it is truly beautiful and represents so much work and time to make it. The fact it survived in such perfect condition is a miracle too.

Thanks for re-posting Jan :thumbsup:
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That's some history there,very nice.i would would be walking around the house holding f it with a bone through my nose 🤣
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Very nice Jan :thumbsup:
I remember when I found one in Norfolk, I kept passing it on the field thinking ' that looks like a stone axe,cant be though, must pick it up in a minute' , finally picked it up and it was :D :thumbsup:
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